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Salisbury Filmmaker provides Premium Video Production uniquely customised to suit our Clients' exact requirements and needs.

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Film Clapboard

Business Promotional Films

Salisbury Filmmaker provides Promotional Videos for your Company / Organisation.

Our Promotional Films are made to the highest possible standard to meet our Clients high expectations. 

These Short-Films are usually only a few minutes long. It will feature your best Products, Assets and Employees, and be the perfect addition to your  Website's home page. It will immediately boost your Perceived Quality among potential customers: and shows you are willing to go the extra mile to win the sale !


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Salisbury Filmmaker is the go-to Filmmaking Company for High Quality Advertising & Promotional Video for your products, Company or Organisation.

We work closely with our clients through every step of the Production -from initial Ideas and Planning- to the Final Delivery of the Product: We take every step possible to ensure we create the most effective adverts we can; and that our Clients are proud to advertise our videos to their customers.

Production of a Product Advert is different to a Promotional Film. Our Production Process often begins with a meeting to discuss your exact requirements. This is then followed with idea-brainstorming and storyboard production on our side. 

Only then does Video Production for the advert begin, -and payment is only taken- once our client has signed off on our pre-production planning and Film Proposal. 

This ensures that you and us are on the same page throughout the Whole Production.

Cosmetic Products

Product Videography 

Salisbury Filmmaker creates stylised Product Short-Films. These little product advertisements make the perfect addition to a products' e-commerce listing and can showcase your product to a potential customer in a dimension a traditional photograph can not.

Most online shops have a Slideshow of pictures for their products. Only the best have little product films for some -or all- of their range. 

These Product-Films are short videos (Usually under 10seconds) that are highly edited and composited into exciting and engaging mini-videos that help generate enthusiasm towards your product and help ensure the sale. 

These videos can be added all over your website and product pages to highlight to customers certain products: -maybe a new range? in a more dynamic form, as well as help compliment existing images on your site. 


fulfilling your Businesses'

Video-Based Marketing


It's All About You :

The S6C Video Promo

College Promotional Film

Salisbury 6th Form College

Education is critical around tackling Knife Crime

Op Sceptre: Knife Crime Awareness & Safety Video

Wiltshire Police

ZUMO: Energy Drink Introductory Advert

Zumo Energy

Please contact us today for a chat. Tell me about your business and I'll tell you about my Video-based promotional services. 

I offer Promotional Films, Advertisements, Product-highlight Films: -and everything in-between ! No Project is too small. Give me a message with the contact form below & I'm sure we can make it work.

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