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Please find Salisbury Filmmaker's Privacy Statement (Correct as of July 2021)


Andrew Foord (Trading Freelance under: Salisbury Filmmaker, Salisbury Filmmaker For Schools & Salisburyfilmmaker.co.uk) is a Salisbury-based videographer and Photographer -though may also offer other, similar services.

Salisbury Filmmaker (& through Salisburyfilmmaker.co.uk) may collect your personal information. This can include your name, e-mail address, contact number/s, (when working on behalf of another client /intermediary); -who the client is, and other personal details. When processing online payments; we may collect all the previously mentioned data as well as some of your payment bank details, postal code, IP address, connection information & locations. Lots of this data is collected by third party companies separate to Salisbury Filmmaker though Salisbury Filmmaker can have access to lots of -and sometimes- all of this collected data. Sometimes Salisbury Filmmaker will utilise the services of other companies in the course of our operations. These companies may also collect and store similar or different data regarding our clients, persons and organisation contact. Links to privacy statements concerning all other companies frequented by Salisbury Filmmaker will be found further down this document, and when new and previously unstated data is needed to be collected by ourselves, a third party company we may interact with (other than those company's detailed within this document), or other organisation or persons: Salisbury Filmmaker will inform our client on a case by case basis.

Using our website salisburyfilmmaker.co.uk -we may also record data through Wix.com details such as session information, page wait and response times, length of visits to certain pages, page interaction information & methods used to browse the site.

All the above data is often collected through our website Salisburyfilmmaker.co.uk. Often through contact forms, payment forms or other software provided by Wix.com or other services (details later in this document). Much of this data can also be collected through telephone or other means of communication. Much of this information is used to aid communication between ourselves and customers, clients, visitors to our website, the public and others. This data can help aid with customer assistance and technical support, customer service and support, to help gather data to aid future business operational decisions, and to comply with any applicable laws and regulations.

Some of the above data is stored locally by Salisbury Filmmaker. Other data -like payment details, IP address’s, much website-based data is all stored by third-party companies separate to Salisbury Filmmaker. These companies all have their own privacy policies detailed on their websites. (links to these can be found further down this document).

Other data Salisbury Filmmaker may handle or store is video, photo and audio of our customers, clients, actors, public and other people we may work with/for. This data would be stored locally and in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulations 2018. Like all aspects of our business operations; we may share some of this data with other companies or organisations or persons -such as for printing, distribution, marketing, payment processing, website hosting or managing or designing, or other purpose/s. Likewise, other companies may collect any of the above mentioned data on our behalf and may themselves have copies also –(separate to the records stored by Salisbury Filmmaker).

At no time will we violate a term stated in any existing contract with a client.


Some data we collect may be made public for purposes such as marketing of Salisbury Filmmaker or on our website or distribution. This is of course dependant on the terms of contracts signed, permission by those affected and the sensitivity of the data. When permission has not previously been granted; Salisbury Filmmaker will never publicise any of your data.

Salisbury Filmmaker operates its video production and photography services as a contracted service with businesses, organisations and clients. When interacting with Salisbury Filmmaker via an intermediary; such intermediary may also hold or share such data concerning yourself and/or be privileged to related data collected by Salisbury Filmmaker. This can include any of the above mentioned data forms with the exception of IP Addresses and payment details.


Salisbury Filmmaker often outsources different services or work -such as online payment processing, printing or distribution, shipment etc to different, unrelated companies. Most companies relevant to data collecting or data storing for the majority of our customers, clients, and persons and organisational interactions will be listed below with their privacy policies linked:







When giving any data or data rights to a company, organisation, client or persons Salisbury Filmmaker interacts with outside of Salisbury Filmmaker (other than Wix, Stripe, BuyNowPlus or PhotomountsUK, or any of the above mentioned companies, persons and organisation previously stated in this document), or a company or persons whose’ privacy policy, data collection or data storage may differ to that mentioned above or not previously have been mentioned or linked- all persons, organisations or clients’ whose data is relating will be contacted directly and prior to any data collection, storage or other data appropriations via Salisbury Filmmaker to the new, previously unmentioned and unspecified within this documents’ company /persons to confirm agreement.

Salisbury Filmmaker will hold your personal data for the shortest time period possible. This is usually only for as long as practically necessary for customer service and aftersales support. For first-hand interaction with clients: This may be detailed in a signed contract prior to an exchange of goods or services.

Salisbury Filmmaker try to only collect the minimal information required. If you think we have made a mistake, or would like to have all of your data being stored by (or relating to)  Salisbury Filmmaker deleted: Contact andrew@salisburyfilmmaker.co.uk  .Note some data we store may be necessary and stated within the terms of an already existing contract between Salisbury Filmmaker and a client, actor, or other person directly involved in an exchange of goods, services or value with Salisbury Filmmaker. In this case, or when the disposal of stored data may me be in conflict of a previously signed contract or the law; deletion of some or all data relating to an interaction may be conflicted or not possible. Regardless of this or any other above-mentioned point; at no time will Salisbury Filmmaker contradict or breach any persons’ legal right to Privacy or contradict any part of The EU General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

Thank you